YOUR CONSULTANT IS Aimee & Pat Doyle, Super Star Directors

My Story

Where to begin?     Candle lovers for a long time, I found Scentsy online one evening while Pat was working.  Simply looking for a better solution to scenting our home, a small "blurb" about wickless candles caught my eye.  Thus our story begins..........   We have been married for twenty two years, have one beautiful daughter, and live in the Northeastern part of PA, by the Poconos. We have three dogs, three cats, and a bunny, all rescues! I have been a nurse for over twenty five years, forced to leave my Director of Nursing position in 2003 due to my Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus.  Pat has been a Paramedic for over twenty years, with a total of thirty years in Emergency Medicine and Firefighting, including Fire Chief, Smoke Jumper, and upper managerial positions.  He retired from his full time Medic job in March of 2010 to work Scentsy full time with me!    We had tried two other home businesses from 2003 until we joined Scentsy on June 28, 2007.  Both businesses are well known, large companies, typical Home Party plans.  Spent money, never made much, the old MLM routine.  Still desiring to replace my nursing income, Scentsy looked like a promising company.  The top quality products that were dreamed of and brought to fruition by two moms, plus the vision of a very wise man and his beautiful wife, along with the mission statement and excellent compensation plan, could only be a positive journey for us.  From the moment we received our Scentsy Starter Kit we have said that Scentsy was our best decision ever for our family!   Two incidents have solidified our joining Scentsy.  Shortly after joining Scentsy, I had gotten rid of all of our wicked candles and tea light burners, except one that matched our decor and had been a gift.  I decided to use the last two pieces of wax that went with the tea light burner one afternoon.  Pat had left to take our daughter somewhere, and I lit the tea light and went in my office.  In less than ten minutes my Border Collie was jumping and barking, very unusual for him.  Walking out of my office, I now see my kitchen filled with dark, black smoke.  The tea light warmer had caught fire on my living room mantel!  The whole entire ceramic and metal tea light warmer was ablaze with flames three feet high.  I was able to put it out, with my house filled with black smoke and my heart pounding loudly, I had to explain what had occurred to my husband who had just returned! It gives me goosebumps to think what would have happened if my Border Collie was outside or would have gone for his "usual" car ride! I will NEVER, EVER, light a candle again, not even a birthday cake candle!   The second incident happened at an expo we were doing.  I bent down to pull a box out from under a table and caught the cord of my display warmer, which had been on five hours.  With a crowd at my table, I watched in horror as the top of my Scentsy warmer flew off, spilling wax down my daughter's bare legs, who was seated at the table wearing shorts.  Listening to the gasps from the table crowd and hearing the "ping ping ping" as the top hit the floor, I watched my daughter stand up quickly.  She simply bent down and brushed the quick drying wax off of her legs and smiled at me, saying "it's okay mom."  No burns, no blisters, not even a red mark on her beautiful little legs! The crowd was amazed and became customers immediately! And the top did not even break! I can only think if that had been a lit candle what would have happened and how bad it would have scarred her legs. Scentsy is such a safe alternative!   Our professions, along with our marketing and business experience have helped us grow one of the largest, most successful teams with Scentsy.  We strive to "pay it forward" and help you have the much desired success you and your family deserve. Our team works together, we are professional, and pride ourselves on staying true to Scentsy's Mission Statement.   Thank you for taking the time to stop by, and feel free to contact us for more information!   Thank you, Aimee & Pat Doyle